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he makes everything okay..


Wrote up a preview of Inés Estrada’s Lapsos for Comics Alliance- there’s a whole 10 pages to read over there, which you should go do:

'A psychedelic. science-fiction epic, Lapsos is releasing next month in a collected, English language edition and it’s something that should be on your radar. Published by Swedish imprint, C’est Bon Kultur, and debuting at the Helsinki Comics Festival, the new hardback edition is limited to 1000 copies, and includes the original series in addition to 40 pages of new content. Lapsos follows the adventures of two friends who discover the existence of various dimensions between their home city in Mexico, and the gradual realisation that everything is connected, it’s marked with Estrada’s signature gross-but-touching humour and vivid characterisation.'


moe knows

I did it :3 the side of my head is shaved :3

started to shave the side of my head, will be finishing it off tomorrow :3 excited :3

I feel so pretty

my fucking Baby Girl

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